Phone System Call Records – Link to CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps companies manage current and future interactions with prospects and customers. The most common interactions include sales, marketing and services activities. In all cases, it is important to document communications with prospective and current customers.

Phone calls – the act of actually talking to a customer on the phone – are very important to the success of a business. Managers of CRM applications want to capture a record of those phone calls. In most cases, the act of documenting a voice call rests on the user to make a CRM system entry.  Grathic can automatically document the user’s calls thus avoiding lost data.

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Depending on the customer’s phone system, Grathic will either install a small hardware device next to the phone system or they will install a software application on a Windows PC.  The hardware device or the software application will automatically collect the CDR information from the phone system as the CDR records are produced.  Grathic collects the raw CDR information and processes the data into a format the company’s CRM system will understand.

GrathicLink® goes a step further by associating the call record with the appropriate user and linking the call record to contacts and/or companies.

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Some phone systems provide more information than others.  The above fields are common across all phone systems.

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