White Label Services

Application Service Providers (ASP) and independent software developers may use the GrathicLink® service to enhance the end services/products they offer their customers. This is often referred to as “white label” services. In this case, the end user may or may not know that the CDR collection from their phone system uses GrathicLink®.

For example, an ASP that provides network Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application services does not have an efficient way to automatically extract Call Detail Record (CDR) information from their customers’ premise-based phone systems. In this case, they would user Grathic’s GrathicLink® service to collect the CDR information for them.

In this example, Grathic would be a vendor to the ASP.  The ASP would pay Grathic for their services.  The ASP would in turn invoice their customers for the total solution they offer.