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GrathicLink® for


GL-SFDC- OverviewMost legacy, premise-based phone systems (e.g., Avaya, NEC, Nortel, Mitel, Panasonic, … and many others) are not integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.  Call Detail Record (CDR) information from phone systems can be a valuable information source for accurate record keeping.

GrathicLink® for is a process to automatically transfer CDR information from phone systems to data objects.




How it works

Depending on the customer’s phone system, Grathic will either install a small hardware device next to the phone system or they will install a software application on a Windows PC.  The hardware device or the software application will automatically collect the CDR information from the phone system as the CDR records are produced.  Grathic collects the raw CDR information and processes the data into a format the company’s CRM system will understand.

GrathicLink® for goes a step further by associating the call record with the appropriate user and linking the call record to contacts and/or companies.


For Managers

grathlink-managers-viewManagers want to know how their employees are using – or perhaps, not using – the phone system to contact customers and prospects.  If they cannot measure phone usage, they can not manage it.

Even though GrathicLink® provides a few ‘sample’ reports, it is the responsibility of the managers and users to create their customer reports on the Call Detail Record (CDR) data.

GrathicLink® can poll for new CDR data as often as the manager/administrator desires for current status and reports.

General Users

Some users initially view this application as “Big Brother” but in the end, they appreciate how it can help them do their business better.  GrathicLink® can help them save a lot of time and keep more accurate records.

Most users are requested – or sometimes required – to make a call-log entry for phone calls.  Many times, users get very busy between calls and intend to log call their activities during slower time periods.  Unfortunately, if a call log is not completed immediately after the call, many calls do not get logged or the information may be inaccurate.

GrathicLink® presents a list of all calls made or received by the user in a list format with many calls already associated with Contacts and Companies.  The user may edit the call record for more information (e.g., add notes and comments, etc.).


CDR Association


Unassigned Call List


Edit an Unassigned Call


User Call Report


User Call Summary



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GrathicLink® for is provided on a “per-extension-monitored-basis”. The term for the service is monthly and the customer can cancel the service –with a 30 day written notice – at any time with no early termination fees.

There is an installation charge for the initial setup at phone system location. The installation charge includes all hardware/software for GrathicLink® and for remote project coordination with the site’s LAN and Phone administrators. It does not include costs for any potential phone system hardware/software costs.


The monthly list pricing is as follows:

#of Extensions MonitoredPrice Per Month Per Extention
02 to 10$15
11 to 20$13
21 to 30$11
31 to 40$10
41 to 50$09

Installation (one time charge): varies according to complexity and hardware, if any, is required.