About Grathic, Inc.

Grathic, Inc was founded in 2008 to help an Application Service Providers (ASP) collect Call Detail Records (CDR) from premise-based phone systems.  From the initial order of 5 sites, Grathic now collects CDR data from over 1,000 sites nationwide.

GrathicLink® is a service to collect data from remote data sources for the purpose of data processing and data distribution.   The service may be sold to companies who embed it within their own products or it may be sold directly to end-users.

An Application Service Provider is an example of a ‘reseller’.  They may incorporate the Grathic services within their overall service offering to their customers.

Some customers just want Grathic to send them processed data directly for their own use and not go through a ‘reseller.  They would be an example of a direct sale model.  Grathic now offers an integration with for companies who want to capture CDR data from their phone systems and integrate that data into their instance.  Grathic is an approved, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for  The application is called GrathicLink® for and it is a managed package download on‘s AppExchange ecosystem.

A majority of Grathic’s current business is in the collection of CDR information from phone systems but that is not where we want to stop.  We have broadened our scope of services to include the collection, data processing and distribution of any type of data in many vertical applications.